Nanoparticle is a particle that is between 1 to 100 nanometers in size.
Nanotechnology is a technology involving in designing, analyzing, making and applying of structures, devices, and systems by manipulating shape and size at the nanoscale (nm, 1 nm = 10-9 m).
Nanotechnology has great applications in life and is a promising technology now and in the future.
This technology is also rated cleaner (less polluting) and is more effective than current technologies.

Anti-bacterial Principle of Nano Silver:

Bacteria have a unicellular structure, their cell membranes often have many S-S disulfide linking located in the cell membrane channels. These channels are the gateway for metabolic bacteria to metabolize to the surrounding environment; if this channel is inactive bacteria will die.

The Nano Silver product contains a silver atom that acts as a biological catalyst for the destruction of S-S disulfide, which disrupts the cell's metabolism and eventually the bacteria will be destroyed.

Silver also has the effect of creating redox reactions in air as well as in water, damaging bacterial cell membranes. Therefore, Nano Silver has bactericidal effect in both ways:

(1) Inhibiting the growth of bacteria by obstructing nutrient channels in the cell membrane.
(2) Kill bacteria by damaging their cell membranes.